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Discover the exquisite world of Zircon minerals with Gandhara Gems. Our collection showcases the timeless beauty and unparalleled allure of Zircon gemstones. Immerse yourself in the rich array of colors and cuts, expertly curated to cater to every taste.

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Gandhara Gems presents a diverse range of Zircon minerals that embody both elegance and sophistication. With a legacy of craftsmanship, we bring you Zircon gemstones that have been meticulously sourced and skillfully transformed into captivating pieces of art. Whether you seek the deep blues reminiscent of the ocean or the fiery reds that evoke passion, our collection has something for everyone.

Explore the mystique of Zircon, a gemstone that boasts not only remarkable aesthetic qualities but also historical significance. Our Zircon minerals have been chosen for their exceptional clarity and brilliance, reflecting light in a way that is nothing short of enchanting. Let yourself be drawn into the world of sparkle and shine that Zircon offers.

At Gandhara Gems, we understand that every gem tells a story, and our Zircon collection is no different. Each stone has been carefully selected to embody the finest characteristics that Zircon is known for, resulting in jewelry pieces that exude grace and allure. Whether you're looking for a statement necklace, a pair of elegant earrings, or a timeless ring, our Zircon minerals are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Experience the allure of Zircon with Gandhara Gems and adorn yourself with the beauty that has captivated civilizations for centuries. Our commitment to quality and excellence ensures that each piece in our collection is a testament to the magnificence of Zircon minerals. Elevate your jewelry collection with the timeless elegance of Zircon from Gandhara Gems.

Zircon Gems Description:

Colorless Zircon Crystal is widely recognized for its brilliance and flashes of multicolored light, called fireplace. These zircon properties are close sufficient to the residences of diamonds to account for centuries of misunderstanding between the two gemstones. Good-sized crystal-structure damage from radioactive factors results in low zircons with a good deal of decreased optical and bodily houses.

In excessive instances, they may be practically amorphous, because of this they lack an orderly crystal shape. Actually, all the zircons used in earrings are of excessive type. apparently, radiation-brought about crystal-shape breakdown may be reversed truly by heating zircon to excessive temperatures. excessive-temperature warmth remedy upkeeps the stone’s broken crystal shape.

Zircon Associations:


Heart Chakra, Crown Chakra




Cancer and Libra






Blue, red, yellow, orange, brown, green


Zircon Color:

The most valuable colorings of zircon minerals are blue, brilliant red, and green. A gemstone on grounds of antiquity, Zircon is one of all December’s birthstones. Ostensibly named after the element ‘zirconium’ found in its chemical composition, the gem name ‘Zircon’ has two viable etymologies; one is the Arabic ‘zarkun’ (crimson), some other the Persian words ‘zar’ (gold) and ‘gun’ (color). Zircon comes in an array of colors, inclusive of blue, brown, champagne, cinnamon, coffee, cognac, golden, inexperienced, honey, orange, raspberry, pink, saffron, turmeric, white (colorless), and yellow. Zircon also has numerous historic and changed names

Zircon Clarity:

Zircon is regularly eye-clean. gems with noticeable inclusions are less valuable. Zircon commonly has very high levels of readability. most zircon in the marketplace is eye-smooth. however, it's a natural gemstone and as such, slight impurities and flaws are not unusual, frequently seen via magnification.

Zircon Cut:

To maximize its brilliance, zircon is most customarily reduced in rounds and ovals. because of zircon’s excessive dispersion and light performance, cutting colorless zircon into a super form normally maximizes its luster and makes it appear very similar to diamonds. Faceting is every other way to decorate the light performance of zircon and you will often locate these stones expertly faceted in some angles.

Zircon Carat:

Zircon in excellent quality is rare in huge sizes. Zircon weighs more than maximum gemstones of like length. maximum zircon gemstones are found in small sizes. larger stones are uncommon to come back by and may command better costs. curiously, zircon happens to be one of the densest gemstones of all. What this means is that it will be smaller in length than another gemstone of equal weight, as it's far heavier. if you examine the burden of zircon and an identical-sized diamond, you’ll find that the zircon weighs approximately 50% extra than the diamond.

Healing Properties of Zircon:

  • Zircon is associated with it is used by crystal healers to relieve bodily and mental ailments.
  • Beneficial homes consist of decreasing fevers, soothing pains, relieving stomach cramps, bronchial asthma, lung troubles, and menstrual pains.
  • Zircon is believed to stimulate the liver and is beneficial for human beings cleansing from nicotine, alcohol, and other
  • Blue zircon is said to help build relationships and self-confidence
  • Colorless is ideal for intellectual purification and meditation
  • Red zircon draws romance, new love, and concord

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