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Are you looking for natural gemstones? Don’t need to worry you are in the right place, we at Gandhara Gems are providing huge varieties of Gemstones and Minerals.

How we started our journey:

Our Journey Started back in the 7th Semester dated back to july,2017 of our university where we were studying computer science (University of Peshawar). A group of 6 classmates got together ant it was planned that we will start selling antiques because Our province KPK is blessed with a lot of ancient history of “Gandhara Civilization”. That’s where the name of our company which was at that time called “Gandhara Heritage” but after searching we came to know that selling antiques without legal permission of our country (Pakistan) is illegal that’s why we backed out from that business.

During this time, 2 of our friends left our group and we were left with 4 people which consisted of Muhammad Farooq, Noor Ullah, Nowsher Khan and Zeeshan but we kept our search on and was looking for more options. In the meantime, Noor suggested that his brother know someone from one of the religious preaching groups (Tablighi Jamaat) he attended and he has quite knowledge of gemstones. At that time, we had no knowledge of gemstones but we went and met him at his home. The meeting went great and, in this meeting, it was discussed that we will work with together because he had a diploma in gemology plus, he said that he knows some people in the gemstone business and he will take us to them. That’s how we met our new partner Mr. Gauhar Ali.
After this meeting, we planned a day that we will go and meet his friends from the gemstone industry. So as planned, we met those people from the gemstone market and after that it was decided that we will rent out an office where all the work will take place. During this time, one of our friends Nowsher Khan said that he won’t be able to give time to office and will come once or twice in a week to the office which was declined by everyone. After that he disappeared and we were left with only 4 people.

Somehow, we rented out a small place and start working with no knowledge of the field but it was all a blind trust on our newest partner Gauhar Ali. At the same time, we were working in multiple fields i.e., Footwear, Afghan dresses etc. Those small jobs helped us a bit but our main focus was to know and study gems more and more. That’s how we met our youngest and final member of the Team Atiq Ur Rahman. He was brought into the company because there were more than 40 years of his family history in the field of gemstones.

He made our team complete because the only missing thing we needed was experience. After that we have never looked back. During That time Muhammad Farooq studied Gemology from the Institute of Gems and Jewelry center of Excellence, UET Peshawar and became A certified gemologist while Noor studied by himself and he found a mentor who has knowledge of minerals which only few has in the field of Minerals and Specimen. As for Zeeshan, He studied the art of cutting (Lapidary) from the institute of Gems and Jewelry center of Excellence, UET Peshawar and became a certified Gem Cutter.

When it was finalized that we will mainly focus on gemstones, The name of our company was changed to “Gandhara Gems”. Now we operate from Pakistan and Thailand where our company is termed as “Gandhara Gems CO., Ltd”. Our Aim is to serve you the best quality in the best way possible. So DON’T HESITATE ITS YOU WHO WE ARE LOOKING FOR.



We Ethically Source our gems from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Thailand. One of our partners go to the mines in Afghanistan himself and he always make sure that the miners are get paid accordingly. But It’s been quite a while since we have visited Afghanistan. As for Pakistan, most of our gems are brought to us by the miners themselves who sell it to us in our market. We visit Swat from time to time to get our hands on some of the Emeralds mined there. Recently, our main source market is Thailand where we got to meet sources from different countries. To name a few like India, Brazil, Burma and Africa.


Why buy from us?

Because we provide the best in terms of quality, cutting and reasonable prices. As most of our business is on the internet, we try to provide our insights from different visits to different places. After reading the online presence of such events, Buyers feel confident that they are in the safe place. We use convenient ways for doing online business. Customers can easily buy from our website through their Credit card, Bank or PayPal. We are also running multiple Etsy shops and for customers convenience we can guide you how to place your order on our Etsy store.

There are promotional discounts on every occasion like Father’s Day, Eid Sale, Independence Day, Valentine Day and more.


Shipping Policies:

Gandhara Gems use UPS or FedEx Express for worldwide shipments. It may take 6 to 10 days to deliver international shipments.  Once you placed an order on our website or Etsy stores, we will provide you the tracking number of the parcel on same business day which you can track Here.

For Economy Shipping, There is another option of Shipping which is  DHL Global. It takes about 20 to 23 working days to deliver the parcel.


Contact Us:

Please feel free to contact us if you have any query.  If you want to buy in bulk, we have awesome discount offers for you. As a wholesaler, we are giving large discount to customers. We are also accepting custom orders for loose gemstones.

If you have any inquiry you can reach us through our contact form or Email: support@gandharagems.com