Anatase Minerals

Embark on a journey of discovery with Gandhara Gems as we unveil the enchanting world of Anatase minerals. Anatase, a captivating form of titanium dioxide, boasts a unique tetragonal crystal structure that sets it apart. Our curated collection showcases the mesmerizing beauty of Anatase, featuring an array of prismatic and tabular crystals in captivating hues of blue, black, brown, and yellow.

Anatase Minerals

Gandhara Gems takes pride in presenting Anatase minerals that are not only visually captivating but also hold industrial and scientific significance. As a trusted source for fine minerals, we offer Anatase specimens that embody both aesthetic allure and practical applications, from its role as a white pigment in various industries to its semiconductor properties used in cutting-edge technologies.

Our Anatase collection encapsulates the mineral's exceptional pleochroism, displaying a stunning play of colors from different angles. Each piece is a testament to Earth's geological artistry and the wonder of natural crystal formations.

With a legacy of authenticity and quality, Gandhara Gems ensures that every Anatase mineral in our collection is carefully sourced and verified, guaranteeing its genuine origin and exceptional attributes. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a curious enthusiast, our Anatase minerals offer a unique opportunity to own a piece of Earth's geological wonders.

Explore the versatility and elegance of Anatase minerals with Gandhara Gems. Elevate your collection with these captivating crystals or uncover the potential applications that make Anatase a gem of both aesthetic and scientific value. Begin your Anatase journey with Gandhara Gems and experience the brilliance of nature's artistry in each meticulously sourced specimen.

Anatase Minerals:

Anatase Mineral is a metastable mineral shape of titanium dioxide (TiO2) with a tetragonal crystal structure. even though colorless or white while natural, anatase in nature is often a black solid because of impurities. Other 3 polymorphs (or mineral forms) of titanium dioxide are known to occur clearly: brookite, akaogiite, and rutile, with rutile being the most commonplace and maximum solid of the bunch.

Anatase is usually located as small, isolated, and sharply advanced crystals, and is preferred rutile, it crystallizes in a tetragonal system. Anatase is metastable at all temperatures and pressures, with rutile being the equilibrium polymorph. though, anatase is regularly the primary titanium dioxide section to form in lots of techniques because of its lower surface strength, with a change to rutile taking location at increased temperatures.

Anatase Associations:


Heart Chakra, Root Chakra








5.5 - 6


Black, reddish to yellowish brown, dark blue, gray

Anatase Color:

Anatase forms translucent or transparent crystals (octahedrite) various in color from black to reddish brown, yellowish brown, darkish blue, or grey.

Anatase Clarity:

Anatase crystals are typically purchased “eye-clean” or favorably in terms of clarity. There are rare cases where the clarity of the gem is not of primary concern.

Anatase Origin:

Anatase minerals are found as difficult, great crystals of tetragonal symmetry and numerous colors in veins in igneous and metamorphic rocks and usually in placer deposits of detritus. The origin of Anatase is Baluchistan Province, Pakistan.

Anatase Carat:

Especially Anatase rare, faceted gemstones usually weigh less than 1-2 carats. But, cut gemstones as massive as about 6 carats are recognized.

Healing Properties of Anatase:                           

  • Treats stress and confusion.
  • Anatase is an excellent crystal for cleansing your skin and restoring the youthful look.
  • Help viewing a problem from all angles
  • Helps to find a clear and decisive solution to troubles
  • excellent for sinus-associated issues
  • The bi-pyramidal shape symbolizes the element Air, humanity, compassion, and the heaven/earth link

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Gandhara Gems is your trusted source for acquiring Anatase minerals that embody both aesthetic elegance and industrial significance. Our carefully curated collection features Anatase specimens renowned for their mesmerizing tetragonal crystal structure and distinctive pleochroism. Whether you're a dedicated collector or a newcomer to the world of minerals, our Anatase offerings cater to all levels of interest.

When you buy Anatase minerals from Gandhara Gems, you're not only acquiring exceptional pieces of Earth's geological wonders but also tapping into the practical applications of this mineral. From its use as a white pigment in diverse industries to its contribution to advanced semiconductor technologies, Anatase offers a blend of natural beauty and scientific importance.

Our commitment to authenticity and quality ensures that each Anatase mineral in our collection is meticulously sourced, providing you with genuine specimens that exemplify the mineral's allure. Gandhara Gems takes pride in presenting you with an opportunity to own a piece of Earth's geological artistry.

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