Pyrite Minerals

Discover the enchanting world of Pyrite minerals with Gandhara Gems. Pyrite, often called "Fool's Gold," is a captivating mineral known for its remarkable metallic luster and intriguing properties. Gandhara Gems offers a curated collection of these mesmerizing crystals, showcasing their unique formations and diverse characteristics.

Pyrite Minerals

Our Pyrite minerals are a testament to nature's artistry, featuring stunning golden hues that resemble actual gold, making them a favorite among collectors and enthusiasts alike. Unearth the history and significance of Pyrite through Gandhara Gems' meticulously sourced specimens, each with its own story to tell.

As a premier source of fine minerals, Gandhara Gems provides a variety of Pyrite specimens that highlight its cubic crystal system and distinctive striations. These treasures are not only visually stunning but also hold a place in the realm of metaphysical properties, believed by some to promote vitality, willpower, and protection.

Whether you're a seasoned mineral connoisseur or a curious beginner, Gandhara Gems invites you to explore the allure of Pyrite through our handpicked selection. Our dedication to authenticity and quality ensures that each piece is a genuine marvel of nature, allowing you to connect with the geological wonders of the Earth's past.

Experience the magic of Pyrite minerals with Gandhara Gems as we bring you closer to the beauty and mystique of these captivating formations. Elevate your collection with our exquisite Pyrite specimens or discover thoughtful gifts that reflect both nature's magnificence and the fine craftsmanship that Gandhara Gems represents.

Pyrite Minerals:

The name "pyrite" is after the Greek "Pyr" which means "fire." This call was given because pyrite can be used to create the sparks needed for beginning a fire if it's far struck by metal or any other hard material. Pieces of pyrite have also been used as a spark-producing material in flintlock firearms.

Pyrite Crystals are a brass-yellow mineral with a shiny metallic luster. It has a chemical composition of iron sulfide (FeS2) and is the most, not unusual sulfide mineral. It forms at excessive and low temperatures and occurs, generally in small quantities, in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks globally. Pyrite is so not unusual that many geologists could remember it to be a ubiquitous mineral.

Pyrite Associations:


Solar Plexus Chakra








6 - 6.5


Yellow, Grey, Metallic color

Pyrite Color:

Pyrite is yellowish-grey to grey. some specimens oxidize and shape a yellow-brown or iridescent film on uncovered crystal faces.

Pyrite Clarity:

The Pyrite Crystals usually have a brass-yellow color, a metallic luster, and an excessive unique gravity. It is more difficult than other yellow metallic minerals, and its streak is black, normally with a tinge of green. It regularly occurs in properly-formed crystals within the shape of cubes, octahedrons, or pyritohedrons, which often have striated faces.

Pyrite Origin:

Pyrite is the maximum and most abundant sulfide inside the globe and can be discovered in tens of thousands of localities with big and/or great crystals being made from Italy on Elba and  Piedmont, in Spain, Kazakhstan, within the USA.

Pyrite Carat:

The mineral disks range from the size of a small penny as much as the size of a dinner plate however are generally about 3 to 4 inches in diameter. Pyrite has a metallic luster and is normally brassy to yellow in color; therefore, it is regularly known as “fool's gold.”

Healing Properties of Pyrite:                               

  • Pyrite is an effective protection stone that works on the physical, etheric, and emotional stages to protect and shield from all varieties of awful vibrations and/or power.
  • It stimulates the mind and improves memory, making it easier to keep in mind essential information when needed.
  • Pyrite aids in looking past the floor of factors, encouraging a focus on what is underlying words and deeds.
  • It has the capacity to improve both physical and mental well-being.

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