Kunzite Gemstones

Kunzite is the mild red to violetish crimson type of the mineral spodumene. It’s found in AfghanistanBrazilMadagascar, and the us state of California. The gem was named after pioneering gemologist George Frederick Kunz (1856-1932). Kunzite has perfect cleavage guidelines. It’s pleochroic, with the quality color visible when your appearance down the length of the crystal.

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Kunzite Gems Description:

Kunzite is the mild red to the violetish crimson type of the mineral spodumene. It’s found in Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar, and us state of California. The gem was named after pioneering gemologist George Frederick Kunz (1856-1932).

Kunzite has perfect cleavage guidelines. It’s pleochroic, with the quality color visible when your appearance down the length of the crystal. Cutters preserve those elements in mind when they orient gemstones for finishing. they could additionally cut kunzite deep to emphasize its pink to violet color.

It isn't always uncommon to discover kunzite in big sizes. The Smithsonian organization homes faceted heart-shaped kunzite that weighs 880 carats. Kunzite may be irradiated after which heat-handled to enhance its color. each dealt with and herbal coloration in kunzite can fade with exposure to warmth and bright mild.

Kunzite Associations:


Heart Chakra, Crown Chakra


October, November


Leo, Scorpio, and Taurus







Various shades of red, blue, green; also brown, black, gray, lilac, purple, orange, orange-red, rose, nearly colorless.


Kunzite Color:

Pink is the primary color through which this stone incorporates its identity within the gemstone trade. Although its traditional shade is purple, Kunzite is discovered in several sun shades, a number of the extra popular than others. as an instance, Kunzite can be available in a lovely and severe red, pastel pink, bubblegum purple, light infant bluish purple, or energy purple, or violet. The pink color seems because of the presence of manganese impurity inside the chemical composition.

Kunzite Clarity:

Kunzite is generally very easy, so inclusions that affect its transparency can reduce the gem’s fee. Kunzite is widespread for its readability and first-class, delicate pink colors which frequently display a hint of violet. Darker shades of red are taken into consideration extra treasured but Kunzites are greater typically determined showing a reasonably mild coloration.

Kunzite Cut:

Inside the change, kunzite is available in lots of lovely cuts. it's miles one of the gems which can be available in fantastically big sizes at low-cost expenses. it is the maximum essential function as the entire splendor of the stone is dependent on slicing. Cutter has to give the cut and shape to the stone retaining in thought the cleavage, splintery fracture, and sturdy pleochroism. it's miles very tough to reduce this stone as it consists of perfect cleavage. it's far occasionally a real task for the cutter to present a very good reduce to the stone. A proper Kunzite could be very hard to reduce into smaller sizes. it's far not often reduced in sizes with small importance. common cuts are oval, pear, spherical, cushion, and many others.

Kunzite Carat:

Normally those gemstones are located in big hundreds weighing several kilograms and maybe even large. For example, the largest Spodumene ever determined was over forty-seven feet long and weighed over 90 tons. even as Kunzite isn’t observed in such massive loads it is observed in big deposits that can yield instead larger gemstones. the biggest faceted kunzite is an 880-carat specimen on show at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. that is an extremely big instance that weighs 648.10 carats.

Healing Properties of Kunzite:

  • Many agree that the kunzite gemstone is strongly related to the heart. it's the concept of a mile that the stone has the capacity to polish a mild on all topics that ought to do with the coronary heart and in turn,
  • The cause for the stone’s great coloring is the presence of manganese at the time of
  • It is a stone that is loved all over the globe for its hues and
  • The brighter or greater colorful the stone is, the greater valuable it's far
  • This is thought to promote trendy recuperation for the duration of the body, ease migraines, and to aid in the recovery of any physical

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