Vesuvianite Minerals

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Vesuvianite Minerals:

Vesuvianite Crystal, additionally known as idocrase, is a calcium aluminum silicate mineral with chemical composition as follows: (Ca, Na)19(Al, Mg, Fe)13(SiO4)10(Si2O7)4(OH, F, O)10. It generally forms at some stage in contact metamorphism or hydrothermal metamorphism of carbonate rocks and is found in limestone, dolomite, marble, granulite, or skarn. Vesuvianite has no huge industrial use, but specimens with great color and are desired through mineral collectors, cut into gems, or carved into small sculptures.

Vesuvianite Associations:


Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra




Capricorn and Sagittarius






Yellow, green, brown; colorless to white, brown-black, light green, emerald green, violet, blue-green to blue, pink, purple, red, black,

Vesuvianite Color:

Vesuvianite is generally translucent and green, yellowish green, or brownish green in color. Rare specimens may be colorless, white, blue, pink, red, violet, purple, or black.

Vesuvianite Origin:

Vesuvianite has been discovered in some locations in the world. They include Quebec in Canada, Mount Vesuvius in Italy, the Ural Mountains in Russia, Switzerland, Kenya, and Tanzania. However there are very few sources of gem-quality crystals. latest unearths in Kenya and Tanzania have introduced a few very great stones to the marketplace, albeit in a limited amount. One source of cabochon grade material in California, USA. it's been advertised as Californite or rather misleadingly, as 'California jade'.

Vesuvianite Value:

Vesuvianite is neither rare nor quite valued as a particularly valuable gemstone. The only Vesuvianite pieces that get noticeably priced and catch the attention of expert jewelry cutters are the really rare and stunning obvious and crystal clear Vesuvianite stones. those, of course, are harder to return through.

Vesuvianite Carat:

Crystals up to several inches in length occur at a few localities, but these are seldom transparent except in small areas. The most expected size for a faceted idiocrasy is at the order of 10 carats (for brown material from Italy and Africa), perhaps 15 carats in green material.

Healing Properties of Vesuvianite:                      

  • Vesuvianite releases emotions of imprisonment and restraint, dissolves anger, and alleviates worry and negativity.
  • It allows to create a sense of internal safety, opens the mind, and stimulates inventiveness and the urge to discover, linking into creativity.
  • Vesuvianite banishes depression and clears negative concept styles in order that the mind can feature extra surely.
  • Physically, Vesuvianite strengthens the enamel teeth and restores the sense of scent. It additionally assists in assimilating nutrients from food.

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