Kunzite Gemstone

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Kunzite Gemstone

Kunzite Gemstone:

The mineral Kunzite was named for the author and gemologist George F. Kunz. Kunzite is the mild purple to violetish purple type of the mineral spodumene. It’s observed in Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar, and the US state of California.

Pink Kunzite Crystal has perfect cleavage instructions. It’s pleochroic, with the pleasant shade visible whilst your appearance down the length of the crystal. Cutters keep those elements in mind once they orient gemstones for completion. They might additionally cut kunzite deep to emphasize its pink-to-violet coloration.

Kunzite Associations:


Heart Chakra










Pink, violet-pink


Kunzite Color:

The shade of Pink Kunzite Crystal is important to the cost factor. The more vivid the color, the better the price. Darker tones of kunzite fetch a better rate, with deep magenta colors retaining the best values. Furthermore, extreme violet colorings are rare and could be promoted for a terrific cost.

Kunzite Clarity:

Kunzite is normally very smooth, so inclusions that affect its transparency can reduce the gem’s cost.

Kunzite Origin:

Kunzite gets its delicate color from trace quantities of manganese. California's San Diego County is an essential source of kunzite.

Kunzite Carat:

It’s commonplace to discover kunzite in large sizes. This is an exceptionally massive instance that weighs 648.10 carats.

Healing Properties of Kunzite:

  • kunzite is a stone deeply linked to the coronary heart and love.
  • At the same time as sporting kunzite, it's far thought you are better capable of enjoying and reciprocating love.
  • Kunzite is likewise believed to assist in healing heartache and calming nerves.
  • It spreads a vibration of love in your life.

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