Brookite Minerals

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Brookite Minerals:

Brookite Mineral is one of the three primary forms of titanium dioxide. It forms wonderful and specific crystals and is frequently related to the 2 different minerals it is polymorphous with Rutile and Anatase. Brookite usually forms collectively with Quartz and is sometimes totally covered inside a Quartz crystal.

Brookite is named in honor of Henry J. Brooke (1771-1857), an English mineralogist who specialized in crystallography and found several new mineral species.

Brookite Associations:


Third Eye, Crown Chakra








5 – 5.6


Deep red, reddish brown, yellowish brown, brown, or black

Brookite Color:

Brookite is normally brown in color, on occasion yellowish or reddish brown, or maybe black. beautiful, deep red crystals (seen above right) just like pyrope and almandite garnet are also recognized. Brookite shows a submetallic luster.

Brookite Clarity:

Brookite shows a submetallic luster. it is opaque to translucent, transparent in thin fragments, and yellowish brown to darkish brown in transmitted light.

 Brookite Origin:

In 2004, brookite crystals were discovered inside the Kharan, in Baluchistan, Pakistan. It is also discovered in the Murun Massif on the Olyokma-Chara Plateau of eastern Siberia, Russia, a part of the Aldan shield.

Brookite Carat:

Transparent stones usually weigh much less than 1-2 carats. Large stones are opaque.

Healing Properties of Brookite:                           

  • Brookite helps you to stay in the present moment and in reality, go together with the flow.
  • Brookite additionally assists you in dealing with conditions that you are probably finding intolerable.
  • Brookite power boosts your awareness of beliefs that have brought you to your current situation and which you could benefit from by means of changing.
  • Brookite is said to be beneficial for all people with debilitating health problems, for circulation issues, and for strengthening the major organs.
  • Brookite is recognized to be superb when used following surgical treatment.

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