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The craft of Accessorizing: Tiny Action, Massive Impact!

by M Farooq 10 Aug 2020 0 Comments
titanium mesh jewelry

Finishing the look is so important. It completes the look and compliments your personality to any outfit being worn; it takes 15 seconds to add, before walking out the door.

Why Accessorize?

titanium mesh jewelry

As I said before, to finish the look just infuses your remarkable originality, personality, and, quite frankly, your mood into your outfit. That can also have you feeling put together and polished. It doesn’t have to be anything big and bold, but just something to add one more fun detail to your look. It is called “putting your best foot forward.” Putting your best foot forward can come in many forms: a manicure and cocktail ring, a colored pair of shoes, or a chunky piece of jewelry.

titanium mesh jewelry

Putting your best foot forward means if you’re going to wear a new cocktail ring, you’re going to have the nails done. Having your nails done doesn’t mean having to wear nail polish; however, buffed and shaped with a layer of clear coat nail hardener will give a beautiful finished look. Adding a blast of color to an all-black outfit makes a statement. Maybe a pair of bright colored shoes, orange is a personal favorite.

titanium mesh jewelry

Last but not least, a big piece of jewelry, something chunky, you know that #oneofakindnecklace. Jewelry comes in many forms and is a true extension or statement of who you are. Whether it be a #gemstonenecklace, a luxurious strand of pearls, and a pair of earrings (not necessarily matching) are all great ways of accessorizing. There are many different ways to complete the look

However, we would recommend to check out the blog Art of Accessorizing by Jo-Ann to get more detailed information.

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Accessorizing can be expensive?

Yes, they sure can. But they can also be super cheap….and so is the quality. Here at Gandhara Gemstones, we provide the most high-grade quality gemstones (Loose & Rough) at wholesale prices. When we first started the business four years ago, we were worried that people would find it expensive. And some definitely did! But as time went on, and our customers kept returning for more, not because they had to modify the old one, but because they wanted more styles, and were so impressed with how great their original purchase still was. With accessorizing, you can be crazy creative; but may also want some super versatile and everyday wearable pieces too. So keep your eyes open for pieces you’d like to add to your accessory wardrobe. Not to mention our great deals (Discounted Offers) all throughout the year.

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