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Alexandrite Gemstone Benefits, Quality, Jewelry, Properties, Meaning, Buyer Guide

by Mehran Khan 15 Feb 2022 0 Comments
Alexandrite Gemstone
Alexandrite is a rare gemstone from the Chrysoberyl mineral family that exhibits a sharp change of color. This highly valued gemstone is used in crystal healing therapies and possesses strong metaphysical powers. Alexandrite is an exceptionally rare variety of gemstone from the Chrysoberyl mineral family. Named after the Russian ruler Czar Alexander II, Alexandrite is the world’s most valued gemstone. This alluring gemstone is known to display a sharp color-change effect that enhances the beauty of the gemstone.

Alexandrite Properties

Alexandrite Chemical Formula BeAl2O4+Cr
Alexandrite Hardness 8.5 (Mohs Scale)
Alexandrite Refractive Index 1.745 - 1.759
Alexandrite Density 3.70 - 3.78
Diaphaneity Transparent - Opaque

Alexandrite Meaning

Alexandrite is the birthstone for June and the gemstone that commemorates the fifty-fifth wedding anniversary. Astrologers recommend this gemstone for the Cancer zodiac sign. Ascendants of Leo, Gemini, Taurus, and Virgo can wear real Alexandrite gemstones. This healing gemstone activates the vital Chakras of the body including Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, and Third Eye Chakra.
Alexandrite was first discovered by Nils Gustaf Nordenskiöld, a Finnish Mineralist in 1830. Initially, it was thought to be an Emerald because it was discovered in Emerald mines located in Russia’s Ural Mountains. Later, the specimen was identified as a chromium bearing, color-change variety of Chrysoberyl.

Alexandrite Benefits

Alexandrite is revered for its strong healing properties, metaphysical powers, and is extensively used in crystal healing therapies. It is known to maintain a perfect balance between the physical world and the spiritual world. There are some other exceptional benefits of wearing this lovely June birthstone Alexandrite.
  • Physical Health Benefits

    : Alexandrite is known to have splendid medical benefits. It is quite beneficial for people who are suffering from issues and ailments related to the nervous system and reproductive organs. This gemstone regenerates neurological tissues and soothes inflammation in neck muscles. It helps to ease the symptoms of leukemia and strengthens the pineal and pituitary glands. The powerful detoxifying action of real Alexandrite stimulates the liver so that it will work at its peak performance.
  • Emotional Healing Benefits

    : Natural Alexandrite encourages the wearer to listen to his/her feelings and helps to achieve emotional maturity. It strengthens willpower and encourages the wearer to accept change and emotional issues that go with that change. Alexandrite crystal is particularly useful for Chakra healing therapies and balances the Heart Chakra. It calms the feelings of being lost and develops an interest in pursuing a fulfilling career.
  • Channelizes Positive Energy

    : Alexandrite birthstone channelizes positive thoughts and wards off negativity from mind and body. It boosts self-esteem, brings good luck, and is considered to be a very positive omen. It has a powerful and protective charm that keeps the wearer safe and protected from any harm and negative energy.
  • Boosts Creativity & Intellectual Powers

    : Due to its pleasant blue-green hue, many Astrologers believed that Alexandrite gemstone is ruled by planet Mercury. This alluring gemstone negates the harmful effects of Mercury and encourages the wearer to deal with confusion, creative blocks, and poor judgment skills. Alexandrite stone benefits by enhancing the wearer’s intellectual abilities which ultimately encourages them to take strong and fruitful decisions in life.
  • Promotes Professional Success

Among the various benefits of Alexandrite, success in business and career is one of the most significant benefits. It benefits the wearer to overcome professional instability and struggle for recognition. Fame, good luck, and prosperity are believed to be bestowed on the wearer of this rare gemstone.

Alexandrite Quality

According to Gem Experts, the primary factor for a Chrysoberyl to consider Alexandrite includes the brilliant color-change effect or the Alexandrite effect. However, there are other quality factors that determine the quality of this gemstone, and based on these parameters, the value, quality, and authenticity of the gemstone can be evaluated. The parameters include:
  • Origin

    - Alexandrite deposits in the Ural region in Russia were the only source for large and exceptional quality Alexandrites for quite a long time. Russia, being the first source of finest and best quality Alexandrite, produced highly valuable Alexandrites in the market. Good specimens of Alexandrite are also found in India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Tanzania, Madagascar, and Myanmar (Burma). The Indian and Brazilian Alexandrite is the second most sought-after variety and it is relatively less expensive than Russian Alexandrite.
  • Color

    - Often described as ‘Emerald’ by day and ‘Ruby’ by night, the color-changing phenomenon seen in Alexandrite is known as the ‘Alexandrite effect’. The color-change effect is such that it exhibits blue-green color under natural daylight and red/purplish-red or brownish-red color under artificial yellow light. The intensity of the color-changing effect determines Alexandrite gemstone price and quality. The higher the intensity and color consistency, the more valuable Alexandrite. The Sri Lankan Alexandrite displays low color consistency as compared to Russian Alexandrite.
  • Clarity

    - Alexandrite is a transparent, Type II clarity gemstone that displays visible flaws and inclusions. The inclusions in Alexandrite occur in the form of fingerprints, hollow tubes, rutile, and multi-phase inclusions. If these inclusions are present and clearly visible to the eye, then it can drastically affect the Alexandrite quality. Faceted Alexandrite gemstones with commendable transparency and minimum eye-visible flaws are rare to find and the cost for such fine pieces of Alexandrite increases. Some specimens of Alexandrite create chatoyancy or cat’s eye effect, increasing the Alexandrite stone price.
  • Cut

    - Alexandrite is commonly fashioned into mixed cuts which include brilliant-cut crowns and step-cut pavilions. Due to its rarity, Alexandrite is faceted into kite shape, triangular shape whereas some specimens have concentric rows of parallel facets. Although it becomes challenging for gem cutters to give Alexandrite a perfect cut in order to show the strongest color-change effect.
  • Carat Weight

    - An excellent quality Alexandrite that is over one carat is extremely rare and is highly priced. In the jewelry industry, jewelers prefer Alexandrite which is small in size and less in weight.

Alexandrite Price

The Alexandrite price per carat varies depending on the origin, color, clarity, cut, shape, size, luster, inclusions, and certificate it carries. Based on the mentioned quality combination the price of Alexandrite can start from Rs. 80,000 ($480) per carat to Rs. 18,00,000 ($8280) per carat and even more. Its splendid beauty, outstanding luster, loupe-clean clarity, and exceptional color-change effect makes this beautiful and charming gemstone a perfect choice for all. One can purchase authentic and natural Alexandrite from trusted sources. Gandhara Gems provides 100% natural, authentic, unheated, and untreated Alexandrite gemstones for both astrological and jewelry purposes. Shop original and loose Alexandrite online with industry-wide known Gem Certificate at the best price.

Alexandrite Jewelry

The extraordinary color-changing Alexandrite is the most desirable choice among jewelers and jewelry designers. Both men and women are fond of this beautiful gemstone because of its outstanding luster, Alexandrite effect, and captivating beauty. Although Alexandrite is considered a new gem variety, the mystical allure, and immense rarity have made this gemstone highly sought-after among collectors and gemstone jewelry lovers. Due to its high durability and fascinating color-changing effect, this gemstone is highly preferred for making customized Alexandrite engagement rings. Gandhara Gems offers stunning Customized engagement rings for both men and women and aims to add an element of uniqueness and charm to the modern brides and grooms. The enchanting blue-green or purple-red-hued Alexandrite has irresistible brilliance and glams up the personality of the wearer. Gandhara Gems’s exclusive Alexandrite jewelry collection includes natural Alexandrite rings, Alexandrite pendant, and Alexandrite bracelet. Gandhara Gems provides customization service of Alexandrite jewelry to our valuable customers where our team of CAD experts designs the Alexandrite earrings, Alexandrite necklaces, bands, men's real Alexandrite rings, Alexandrite wedding rings, Alexandrite beads bracelet, etc. as per the needs of the customer. Customization of Alexandrite jewelry for men and women is available at Custom Jewelry Section Visit our collection now!
  • Alexandrite Gold Ring
  • Alexandrite Silver Pendant
  • Alexandrite Gold Pendant
  • Alexandrite Silver Bracelet
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