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Amblygonite Gemstones Value, Price, & Jewelry

by Mehran Khan 25 Feb 2022 0 Comments
Amblygonite Gemstones Value, Price, and Jewelry Information
Amblygonite is a common fluorophosphate mineral found in pegmatite deposits. Though the mineral is common, transparent specimens that can be faceted are quite rare, so that makes it an interesting gemstone.


Amblygonite is usually white, cream, or pale yellow in color, though it can also occur in green, blue, gray, or pink. Since the light-colored Gemstones often looks similar to other common host rock members, it can easily be confused with minerals such as quartz and albite. However, there are two features of amblygonite that are key to its identification. Since amblygonite contains a significant amount of lithium in its composition, it can be identified by a flame test; powdered Gemstones will produce a bright red flame when placed over a gas burner. The other distinctive feature of Gemstones is their cleavage. Its cleavage is in four directions, but each cleavage plane has varying properties. In addition, the cleavage planes are not at perfect right angles to each other. In fact, amblygonite draws its name from the Greek ambles meaning blunt and gouda, which means angle, due to its obtuse angles of cleavage. Amblygonite was first discovered in Saxony by August Breithaupt (1791-1873) in 1817. Breithaupt was a German mineralogist who studied under Abraham Gottlob Werner at the Freiberg Mining Academy. Breithaupt became professor of mineralogy at Freiberg when Friedrich Mohs (inventor of the Mohs hardness scale ) left that post to become a professor at the University of Vienna. Breithaupt is credited with the discovery of 47 different mineral species. Pale yellow faceted amblygonite can sometimes be confused with golden beryl, citrine, and scapolite. However, this Gemstone is softer than both beryl and citrine, with a hardness rating of 6 on the Mohs scale (similar to that of scapolite). Gem quality amblygonite has been mined in Burma, Brazil, Sweden, and the USA (California). There is also an unusual purple variety from Namibia. This Gemstone occurs in pegmatite deposits along with other lithium-bearing minerals such as apatite, spodumene, tourmaline, and lepidolite.

Amblygonite Gemstones Value

Amblygonite's name comes from the Greek words for blunt angles in allusion to its variously angled cleavages. Gem quality those Gemstone is mined in Brazil and Burma, as well as France and the USA. These gemstones are generally white or creamy, but can also be colorless or lovely shades of pale yellow, green, blue, beige, gray, brown, or pink. The prices use and value of Amblygonite vary tremendously, depending on the size and quality of the gemstone. Gandhara Gems is your source for the highest quality colored stones from across the globe, available at Bangkok direct wholesale prices. Creating the finest jewelry starts with finding the best gemstones, and the best gemstones are found at Gandhara Gems.

Amblygonite Color

Amblygonite comes in very light pink, very light yellow and a lovely light mint green colors of Amblygonite are colorless, blue, beige, gray, or brown.
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