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Peridot Meaning, Properties, Quality and History

by Mehran Khan 10 Feb 2022 0 Comments
Peridot Meaning, Properties, Quality and History
Peridot is a semi-precious gemstone from the olivine family. It is distinguished from other minerals by its green color and its shades, depending on the amount of iron that constitutes it. As far as we know this gem, its green, bright and nuanced hues, make it a very popular stone in jewelry and lithotherapy. It is also the anniversary stone for the 16th year of marriage. Peridot Facet Rough Depending on their color and origin, there are several varieties of peridot stone. Chrysolite, also called golden stone, is green to green-yellow in color and comes from volcanic rocks. Olivine, as its name suggests, is olive in color. Finally, there are other peridots with more or less dark green tints, which can tend to brown. Also, Read - Facet Rough Peridot Gemstone

Peridot Mineralogical properties

In mineralogy, the peridot stone is characterized according to the following criteria:
  • Group: class VIII of silicates.
  • Subgroup: olivines.
  • Crystal system: orthorhombic.
  • Chemical composition: iron silicate with the presence of magnesium and manganese. Presence of chlorine and nickel.
  • Facies: short prism.
  • Fracture: conchoidal.
  • Luster: vitreous, greasy.
  • Line or trace: white traces.
  • Density: 3.3.
  • Hardness: 6.5 to 7/10 on the F. Mohs scale.
  • Transparency: transparent, translucent.
  • Refraction: 1.654-1.690.
  • Morphology: crystals, grainy and massive aggregates, grains.
  • Magnetism: paramagnetic.
Peridot stones are distinguished from each other by their hardness, density, and luminescence. They are formed in magmatic rocks, basic pegmatites, by contact metasomatic, in alluvium, and meteorites. Unlike a majority of minerals forming from the earth's crust, these gems come from the earth's mantle: the movement of tectonic plates causes them to be rejected on the surface of the Earth, from kilometers deep. Also, Read - Natural Peridot Gemstones Lot

Etymology and meaning of the name peridot

The etymological origins of the peridot stone are relatively unclear. Two origins have been proposed by etymologists. The first derives the word from the Arabic faridat, which means precious stone. The second associates it with the Latin word paederos, which means young boy and also designated the opal stone.

Peridot in history

Since antiquity

It was on the island of Zabargad, on the Egyptian side of the Red Sea, that peridot probably began to be mined, as early as 1500 BC. AD. For years, it is mistakenly confused with the emerald. The Egyptians, fascinated by its colors and its brilliance, associate it with divine light and call it the stone of the sun. It is also thanks to this brilliance that the deposits of this mineral were easily identifiable at night, which made it possible to mark out the research before the extraction operations. Peridot Gemstone In Greece, peridot is mainly used in jewelry. The Ottoman sultans monopolize it. It is considered that this exceptional stone should not be placed in everyone's hands. In the 12th century, it was introduced into Central Europe by the Crusaders, it was then called the stone of the knights.

A strong symbolism

Yesterday as today, the peridot is associated with strong symbolism all over the world. In the Maghreb, it represents fraternity, joy, and luck. It is offered as an offering during certain ceremonies, particularly related to the invisible world. In Israel, she represents the spirit of the Divine, glory, power, and authority. It is the same for Christians, for whom this gem is associated with the Holy Spirit, at the beginning and at the end of life on Earth. According to the Bible, it would also belong to the twelve stones of Aaron's breastplate. At the end of the crusades, we also find the peridot in ornaments in some churches. In Cologne Cathedral, for example, the Shrine of the Three Kings is itself topped with a large peridot stone. The alchemists, for their part, lend it virtues of refocusing, purification, and protection. In Hawaii, it represents the tears of the goddess Pelé. Olivine, on the other hand, is associated with the nourishing and purifying properties of olive oil.

A valuable mineral

Today, it is in Arizona, within the San Carlos Apache reservation, that 90% of the production of peridots intended for the production of jewelry is extracted. The clearest and brightest minerals come from a region in Kashmir. Peridots are also found in Australia, Brazil, and China. Finally, some would come from fragments of meteorites, from a floating belt of asteroids located between the planets Mars and Jupiter. When it comes from meteorites, peridot is called palladot.

Virtues and powers of peridot in lithotherapy

Peridot is used in lithotherapy for its physical and mental virtues. Its flamboyant green color is associated with the heart chakra, and in particular, provides action on the entire cardiovascular system. On an emotional and mental level, this mineral is conducive to the dissolution of negative emotions. For this, it can be used in different ways.

Virtues of peridot against physical ailments

cardiovascular system

By acting directly on the heart, peridot has a strong influence on certain bodily organs and mechanisms. It helps regulate body temperature and blood circulation.


This stone acts particularly on certain organs such as the liver, the gallbladder, or the intestines. It participates in their regulation and good health. Peridot can also promote weight loss by stimulating the elimination of fat. It also facilitates transit and digestion processes.

Pain and inflammation

Peridot has the power to reduce pain and facilitate labor, by promoting contractions. It can also act on certain inflammatory syndromes.

Peridot Respiratory effects

Peridot stone exhibits beneficial effects for coughs.

Skin benefits

At the level of the skin, this mineral beautifies, regenerates, and soothes. It also promotes healing and soothes insect bites.

Peridot Quality

Overall, peridot participates in reviving and energizing the body's vital energy. It also promotes detoxification.

Mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits

Acceptance of self and others

Peridot boosts self-confidence. It decreases stress and feelings of jealousy, sadness, and anger to give way to new and positive energy. It promotes a stronger mind, self-acceptance, and a more open state of mind.


Peridot gem promotes financial prosperity and luck in all areas of life. It is conducive to the success of marriages, romantic unions, and relationships in general.

Intuition and clairvoyance

Peridot has an influence on the third eye, thus promoting the development of clairvoyance and intuition.


It would also provide protection against entities and evil spirits, especially at night. It promotes a better quality of sleep and can ward off bad luck.

Stone of light

The peridot stone helps dissolve negative feelings related to previous events to give way to the divine power of its wearer. It gives way to purity. Its action on the energy centers of the body promotes love of self and others, joy, and creativity.

Use of peridot

Depending on its shape (tumbled stone, sphere, jewel, etc.), peridot can be used in different ways. For example, it can be worn as jewelry (bracelet, necklace, pendant, ring, etc.), or held under the tongue to diffuse its energies. In contact with gold or quartz, its energies are increased tenfold. It can be placed in a room and act on its vibrations. Apart from these stones, it is advisable to leave the peridot at a distance from other minerals, because their interaction will have the effect of reducing its benefits. Peridot can also be placed on a painful part of the body (especially the stomach) to relieve pain. It can also be used in massage, more particularly during slimming massages. When dissolved in water, it has beneficial effects on skin problems. All signs of the zodiac can benefit from the benefits of this stone. However, it would seem that peridot is particularly suited to the signs of Leo, Libra, Capricorn, Taurus, and Aries.

Peridot Purification and Recharging

All stones need to be cleaned and recharged regularly in order to properly deliver their benefits. It is therefore advisable to regularly purify your peridot stone. To do this, simply rinse it in distilled water. Also, Read - Natural Faceted Peridot Gemstones Lot Once purified, the mineral can be recharged with energy. To do this, you can expose it to sunlight for several hours, place it on a cluster of quartz or an amethyst geode. These will allow the recharging and the amplification of the energies of the peridot.
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