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Sapphire Engagement Ring: What It Symbolizes And Why It Is An Excellent Choice

by Mehran Khan 18 Apr 2022 0 Comments
Sapphire for jewelry
Sapphire is one of the most prized gemstones after diamond, due to its qualities, special color, and its deep significance. It is a gemstone that can be offered as a jewel for any occasion, but especially for a special moment such as the marriage proposal, which makes it an ideal choice for an engagement ring. Sapphire engagement brings loyalty, trust and truth are key to a long-term relationship. It's a great way to show that your love will be forever.

The story of the most famous sapphire engagement ring in the world

The most popular sapphire engagement ring is that of Princess Diana. This jewel was chosen for her engagement to Prince Charles in 1981 and is one of the most controversial and valuable jewelry in the world. The fact that royalty prefers sapphire jewelry is well known, a tradition that has continued since the Middle Ages. For example, for the Sapphire Jubilee (the 65th anniversary of her accession to the throne), Queen Elizabeth wore the sapphire jewelry her father had given her at her wedding in 1947. Princess Diana's sapphire ring has now become Princess Kate's engagement ring, a gift from Prince William. The ring first came to light in the spotlight in 1981, with the engagement between Diana and Charles, and controversy arose due to the fact that Diana chose her own engagement ring. In 1997, after the Princess' death, the jewel reappeared in the spotlight, when Prince Charles encouraged his sons - William and Harry - to choose one of their mother's things to remember. That's how the famous ring came into the possession of the youngest son, Harry, while William chose a gold watch.
famous sapphire engagement ring Photo source:
Many years later, the two brothers exchanged, so that the famous sapphire engagement ring came into the possession of Prince William when he decided to propose to Kate Middleton. Thus, Princess Diana's blue sapphire ring became Kate Middleton's engagement ring. The popularity of this sapphire engagement ring has led to an explosion in sales of sapphire engagement rings worldwide.

The fascination for sapphire: what does this gemstone symbolize?

Sapphires have long been associated with a number of positive attributes, which has contributed to their popularity among jewelry, especially sapphire engagement rings. The ancient Greeks wore sapphires as a symbol of deep wisdom. It was also believed that you could connect spirits with the help of a sapphire jewel. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that sapphire had protective properties, protecting the wearer from envy and trouble, and bringing good luck in return. Sapphire Gemstone While the brilliance, color, and hardness are the characteristics that make sapphire so valuable as a gemstone for other people who study and collect crystals from the spiritual side, the attraction to sapphire lies in its energy and healing properties. Blue sapphire is considered a stone that stimulates concentration, mental strength, and introspection. In chakra theory, the sapphire is said to help open the third eye to receive wisdom and insight, as well as the neck chakra, the energy center responsible for communicating with others. In terms of its healing properties, sapphire is sometimes compared to lapis lazuli, as both stones evoke the power of the deeply mysterious blue color. In fact, the mineral mentioned in the Bible as sapphire was most likely lapis lazuli. Unlike lapis lazuli, however, the sapphire stone has a depth and clarity of depth that seems to extend its illumination into the soul of anyone who studies it. Frequently associated with spirituality and deep devotion, it is believed that sapphire brings peace and tranquility, as well as confidence in fulfilling one's destiny. For those who love sapphire and sapphire jewelry, here are some additional properties attributed to sapphire:
  • - Protects from negative energy;
  • - Attracts financial abundance;
  • - Stimulates mental clarity;
  • - Attracts and supports devotion;
  • - Stimulates intuition;
  • - It brings wisdom.

Why a sapphire engagement ring is a good choice

One of the distinguishing factors for most sapphire engagement rings is the one that combines the traditional style of the past with modern techniques. This feature has made sapphire engagement rings beautifully finished and become truly precious masterpieces. Sapphires are most often combined with white gold to create a beautiful contrast, but can also be found in yellow gold jewelry. Natural Pink Sapphire Gemstone (1) The fact that sapphires are among the most spectacular gemstones is beyond doubt, but here are some reasons why it is a good idea to choose a sapphire engagement ring:

September stone

If your fiancée has blue eyes, we believe that you will fully impress her if you ask her to marry her with a sapphire engagement ring. Also, if your future wife is born in September or if there is a day in the fall that is important to you, keep in mind that sapphire is the representative stone for September which is said to bring good luck. So, one more reason to choose the sapphire for the engagement ring, besides the fact that it symbolizes sincerity, devotion, and loyalty.

Extremely durable gemstone

Sapphire (part of the corundum family) is a highly prized stone for its strengths: intense color, hardness 9 on the Mohs scale, strength, and shine. Sapphires are now considered the most valuable gemstone, after diamonds, as such, they are incredibly resistant to scratches and bumps. So most likely this sapphire engagement ring will become one of the jewels bequeathed, from generation to generation.

Very high value

Sapphires are much less expensive than diamonds, but with a very high value in the jewelry market. This trend can certainly be seen in the most important auction houses in the world, where sapphire sales are setting real records. Sales of untreated sapphires are on an upward trend as consumers become more aware of the value of natural sapphires. And, of course, the increasing use of sapphire in engagement rings and fine jewelry will make the gemstone more and more sought after and therefore less valuable over time. Blue Sapphire Stone Sapphires are well known as one of the most prized gemstones that can be combined with diamonds. These two precious stones make a perfect combination, because the diamond will give the sapphire engagement ring a special, more sophisticated, and elegant look and the sapphires with their wonderful colors give a colorful and vivid note to this special jewelry. When the sapphire is the central jewel of the ring, there are many choices for the shape, but the most common shape is oval. Also, the standard size for a round sapphire is 6 mm, the equivalent of a 76-carat diamond. It is recommended that you look for these standard measurements, as this is the most likely way to buy one sapphire engagement ring true.
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