Antimony Mineral

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Antimony Minerals

Antimony (Sb), a silvery metalloid,1 is isolated and processed from the mineral stibnite (Sb2S3) for commercial use in a variety of downstream products and industries; its key properties are its ability to harden and strengthen certain metals. During World War II, antimony was key to U.S. production of tungsten steel and the hardening of lead bullets used in combat; at the time up to 90 percent of antimony demand was fulfilled through domestic production. Today, antimony is used across numerous industrial sectors, resulting in diffuse consumption compared to some other critical materials. As of 2020, the leading uses of antimony in the United States were in flame retardants, lead-acid batteries, as a key alloying material for strength (e.g., shielding materials), and antifriction alloys. Additionally, antimony is used in a variety of military applications, including night vision goggles, explosive formulations, flares, nuclear weapons production, and infrared sensors.

Antimony Associations:

Chakras Solar Plexus and Throat
Luster Metallic
Zodiac Arias, Leo, Scorpio
Crystal system Trigonal
Hardness 3 - 3½
Color Black, Gray, Tin, White

Antimony Mineral

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