Augite Minerals

Discover the fascinating world of Augite minerals - a group of stunning pyroxene gems with captivating colors and unique crystal structures. Uncover their geological origins, properties, and diverse applications in the field of earth sciences and gemology. Explore the beauty and scientific significance of Augite minerals in this comprehensive guide.

Augite Minerals:

Augite, a member of the pyroxene group, derives its name from the Greek word "augos," meaning "brightness" or "luster" It is deep green-to-black color reflects the depths of the Earth, embodying the raw power and intensity of volcanic energy. As a stone of fire and strength, Augite captivates the senses and draws you into its vibrant essence.

Augite is a common rock-forming pyroxene mineral with formula (Si, Al)₂O₆. The crystals are monoclinic and prismatic. Augite has two prominent cleavages, meeting at angles near 90 degrees.


Augite Associations:

Chakras  Earth Star, Root
Luster Vitreous – Resinous
Zodiac Capricorn, Scorpio
Crystal system Monoclinic
Hardness 5.5-6
Color Brown-green, Black, Green-black, Brown, Purplish-brown


Augite Colors:

Black, brown, greenish, violet-brown; in thin section, colorless to gray with zoning common.

Augite Clarity:

Augite Mineral regularly occurs as an inclusion in different gems, affecting their clarity. However, many crystals are discovered embedded in augite.

Augite Origin:

Occasional specimens have a shiny appearance that gives rise to the mineral's name, which is from the Greek augite, meaning "brightness", although ordinary specimens have a dull (dark green, brown, or black) luster. It was named by Abraham Gottlob Werner in 1792.

Augite Carat:

Augite is a common rock-forming mineral found in igneous and metamorphic rocks. It is not typically used as a gemstone, so there is no standardized carat weight associated with augite. However, if you have a specific sample of augite and would like to determine its weight, you can use a scale that measures in carats or grams.

Healing Properties of Augite: 

The augite is a stone which helps to cross the tests of life. It releases anxiety and stress by making feelings more bright and positive. It also has the potential to enhance ambition and facilitate the assimilation of information by increasing concentration. Finally, the augite is reputed to be a protective stone.

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Augite Minerals

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