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Emerald Gems the Birthstone of May

by M Farooq 09 Sep 2020 0 Comments
Birthstone of May - gandharagems
Birthstone of May

MAY: The birthstone for this month is emerald

May birthdays fall right in the heart of spring, and the emerald is the perfect gem to symbolize and celebrate this month.


Prized for its beautiful and brilliant green color, the emerald is often endorsed by the rich and famous to wear as a statement piece for big events.

The name emerald derives from the ancient word “smaragdos,” meaning “green stone.” Its green color is incomparable and is therefore highly evaluated for its deep, bright green color and transparency.

Emerald Gemstones has been beloved for over a millennium, widely regarded as the definition of green, emerald is the ideal color for spring, from the poetic representation of Ireland as “the Emerald Isle” to the exquisite green of the famed gemstone itself. Looking at an exquisite emerald is a truly breathtaking sight and deserve its place among other big gems diamond, ruby, and sapphire.

Emerald Isle

Roman author Pliny, who died in the 79 CE, wrote in his encyclopedic Natural History that “nothing greens greener.”

He also stated that emerald had therapeutic qualities that helped gem cutters: “they have no better way of restoring their eyes than by looking at the emerald -its soft, green color comforting and removing their lassitude and weariness.”

Today science proves this belief: The color green relieves stress and eye strain.

Emerald is considered one of the most reputed gemstones in Vedic astrology worn for success in businesses and profession, creative or intellectual pursuits, and knowledge-seeking ventures. Variations of this rich green color suggest lush, soothing gardens. Myth has it that emerald can make its wearer more intelligent and quick-witted, and it was once believed to cure diseases like malaria and cholera.

From Egyptian pharaohs to Inca emperors, the emerald has enchanted royalty. Cleopatra (Ptolemaic Dynasty) was known to have a passion for emerald and used it in her royal adornments. The legendary Crown of the Andes, fashioned in colonial South America, is one example of how the Spanish revered this birthstone.

Emerald Associations:
Chakras Heart Chakra
Birthstone May
Zodiac Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra
Anniversary 20th, 35th
Hardness 7.5 – 8
Planet Mercury
Color Green

Healing Properties of Emerald:

emerald ring gandhara gems Influence of Emerald on People:
  • Emerald brings loyalty and enhances unconditional love, unity, and friendship; that’s why it is also known as the “stone of successful love.”
  • It ensures emotional, mental, and physical stability, bringing compatibility to all areas of life.
  • Emerald eliminates negativity and enhances the ability to enjoy life more.
  • It strengthens one’s memory and imparts clarity of thought.
  • Emerald heals disorders of the lungs, heart, and spine.
  • It aids in quick recovery after catching an illness, helps sinuses, and improving vision.
Other Birthstone for May: Fifteen different stones are listed as birthstones for the calendar month of May, depending upon star position, planetary, or talismanic stones for the Zodiac sign of Taurus or Gemini.
Stones Association
Emerald Modern Birthstone
Sapphire Mystical April Birthstone
Agate Gemini (Star Sign)
Carnelian Ancient Hebrew May Birthstone
Coral Taurus (Star Sign)
Turquoise Taurus (Star Sign)
Aventurine Taurus (Planetary Stone)
Garnet Taurus (Talismanic Stone)
Amber Taurus (Star Sign)
Rose Quartz Taurus (Star Sign)
Tiger’s Eye Gemini (Planetary Stone)
Chrysoprase Gemini (Star Sign)
Citrine Gemini (Star Sign)
White Sapphire Gemini (Star Sign)
Pearl Gemini (Star Sign)
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