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How to choose the right bracelet for Women?

by Mehran Khan 17 Mar 2022 0 Comments
How to choose the right bracelet for Women
A good bracelet can do wonders - its beauty is uplifting, and its good design and radiance draw eyes to the wrists. Bracelets can and should be worn by women of all ages and any build: this accessory makes the overall image more expressive, and the hands visually more elegant. Today we’ll talk about how to choose a women’s bracelet that will be comfortable and joyful.

How to choose the right bracelet for Women?

How many stylists, have so many opinions about how to choose a bracelet. Fashion professionals sometimes give conflicting advice, so girls have to rely on their own taste. Trusting your intuition and sense of proportion is right, but you should also consider general recommendations for choosing jewelry for your hand. Also, Read - Spinel Stone: Properties, Meaning, History, Colors


The bracelet can fit snugly to the wrist or fall freely on the hand - any option has the right to exist if you like it. Perhaps there is only one piece of advice here - before buying, make sure that the product does not fall off when moving and does not press. Although fashion experts say that the wider and more massive the bracelet, the tighter it should fit the hand. With thin, almost weightless jewelry, the opposite is true - they should be in a free position.


The lock must be reliable, all decorative elements are firmly fixed. The clasp should firmly fix the bracelet so that it does not unfasten under outerwear or during active movements. Specify the possibility of exchange or free repair of jewelry in case of a factory defect.


Check how comfortable it is for you to fasten and unfasten the bracelet without assistance. Wear it a little on your hand, listen to the inner sensations. Nothing should interfere, crush, scratch. If the product clings to clothes every second, you are unlikely to be able to wear it calmly, so you should look at other models.

Visual weight

On thin wrists, bracelets that visually look weightless look great - the thinnest chain bracelets, all kinds of openwork models, narrow jewelry, and products with neat pendants. For plump hands, bracelets that visually look more massive are suitable - complex-shaped models, bracelets made of large beads, jewelry with many pendants. Of course, narrow bracelets can also be worn on a large hand, but they should be in a free position, and not fit tightly. Also, Read - The most popular wedding rings in 2022 Do not rush to pay for the bracelet you like in the store. Also, Make sure it does not press or fall off your hand as you move. Evaluate the look of the jewelry in the mirror - you should like the fit of the bracelet. Sometimes even half a centimeter difference in length plays a key role - it is worth trying on a slightly larger or smaller bracelet, and it looks completely different.
Tip: if you are planning to buy an expensive bracelet and are afraid to make a mistake in choosing, buy several cheap bracelets of different widths and lengths in advance. Wear them for several days, evaluate their comfort and appearance from the side. This simple method will help you figure out what length and width of bracelets you should pay attention to first.
When choosing the design and length of the bracelet, consider what clothes you plan to wear it with. For example, if you combine jewelry with blouses and dresses with long sleeves, it should barrier bracelet so close to the arm that it is not covered by clothing. It is also important not to overload the image: if the bottom of the sleeves is trimmed (for example, with embroidery), then it is better to refuse bracelets. The same goes for flared sleeves. But if the sleeves are short or there are none at all, you can safely wear any decoration that suits the style and color. Also, Read - 10 most valuable gems and diamonds in the world

How to wear a bracelet with other jewelry

A bracelet, like any other accessory, should harmoniously fit into the image. It is important to maintain balance, otherwise even the most elegant decoration may look tasteless.
  • It is believed that if the brooch is worn on the left side, then it is better to wear the bracelet on the right hand, and vice versa. The same goes for bright, large rings.
  • Previously, a bracelet and a watch were often worn on different hands, today this rule is often neglected. A watch next to a decorative bracelet is quite appropriate if you like this combination. Stylists cannot agree in any way: some advise choosing bracelets in the same style as watches, others assure that you need to experiment and not limit yourself.
  • A bracelet can complement a graceful chain with a pendant, but massive necklaces usually do not need to be complemented. Even if the necklace and bracelet are made in the same style, be careful, a few pieces of massive jewelry can make them look heavier.
  • A win-win option is to pick up a bracelet in a set for earrings or a chain. Of course, the design of products should match the style of clothing. For business, strict suits, classic sets are suitable, and with evening dresses, you can combine jewelry with a creative design.
It is not customary to wear jewelry made of different metals, jewelry, and bijouterie decorated in different styles of the product at the same time. For example, a gold chain bracelet will look ridiculous next to a bracelet made of large bright beads. Also, Read - The Healing Crystals for Ganglia

How to choose a bracelet depending on the season

Yes, you should also pay attention to the calendar and the weather outside the window! If it's sunny summer, you can afford a lot! Unusual shapes, bold designs, bright colors, intricate patterns, and a scattering of shimmering stones - all this is allowed in the design of bracelets worn in summer and combined with colorful open clothing. Also, Read - Aventurine Meaning: Healing Properties & Uses In winter, we recommend that you be more restrained in your choice because long-sleeved clothes are worn in winter, and this must be taken into account. For example, bracelets with openwork patterns and many small inserts can cling to blouses and dresses, and very thin jewelry can tear under outerwear. We advise you to pay attention to wide chain bracelets, models with pendants, ring bracelets. Do not forget - bracelets are not combined with clothes that have sleeves with trim (cuffs, embroidery).
How to choose the right bracelet for Women pic Image: Pexels, MudaSsir BhaTti

How to choose the right bracelet in the online store

It is convenient to buy jewelry online: you can examine products without haste, compare different models with each other. In online stores, other buyers do not distract and consultants do not impose help, this is a plus. But there is also a minus - you can’t immediately try on the bracelet you like, although some stores give you the opportunity to try on products at the time of delivery and choose the most suitable one (if you place an order for several items of different sizes). Also, Read - Buy Black Opal Online – Information, Benefits, Price, Jewelry So that at the time of delivery it does not turn out that the bracelet is crushing or falling off your hand, indicate the exact size when ordering jewelry. Remember that waist circumference can change throughout the day, so it's best to measure it at different times of the day.

How to determine the size of the bracelet at home

  • Take any of the bracelets that you currently wear and are comfortable with. Measure its length, this will be the right size.
  • Wrap the measuring tape around your wrist where you normally wear your watch. Add 1-1.5 cm to the result - this will be the optimal length of the bracelet. Instead of a measuring tape, you can use a braid or a regular tape.
If something went wrong and the purchased bracelet turned out to be small or large, do not despair. Contact the seller, perhaps he will change the jewelry to the same desired size, although he is not obliged to do this. By law, jewelry of proper quality cannot be exchanged or returned, but some stores make concessions to their customers. Haven't changed? Then contact the jewelry workshop - for a fee, they will shorten or lengthen the product.

How to choose a bracelet as a gift for a girl

When you go to the store together and the girl herself decides which bracelet to choose for her as a gift, this is an ideal situation. The chances of choosing something wrong are zero. But if the gift is a surprise, then you can inadvertently not please, but disappoint. The design or size of the bracelet may not fit, so we recommend that you approach the choice of jewelry responsibly.
  • Style. Classic or modern? Take a closer look at what kind of jewelry the girl wears - perhaps classic items predominate in her collection or vice versa, does she prefer non-standard, creative bracelets? If she rarely wears jewelry or she has very few of them, choose the classics, she is always relevant.
  • Metal, the color of inserts. Gold bracelets with diamonds look spectacular and will please any girl, but their price cannot be called affordable. If the budget is limited, look for thin, light bracelets made of gold or silver models. We recommend choosing jewelry with stones to match the color of the girl's eyes or hair - such a bracelet can emphasize her natural beauty.
  • Size. How to determine the correct size of the product, read above. If you can’t measure the girth of a girl’s wrist without suspicion on her part, you will have to take risks. For example, you can buy a bracelet of the most popular length - it is 18 cm. If the jewelry does not fit, you can lengthen or shorten it in a jewelry workshop.
It is worth considering what the girl does and enjoys. For example, if she works at a computer a lot, then a massive bracelet can interfere with her and she will often be forced to take off her gift. Also, Read - Amber Gemstone Value, Price, History & Jewelry Whichever bracelet you choose, the main thing is that it be of high quality and please its owner for a long time. Do not be afraid to give surprise gifts, because it is pleasant for any woman!
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