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Spinel Stone: Properties, Meaning, History, Colors

by Mehran Khan 16 Mar 2022 0 Comments
Orange And Red Natural Spinel Stones (2)-min
Spinel Stone is a rare mineral with a rich palette of shades, it can be translucent or opaque. Differs in high hardness, glass gloss, octahedral form. Among the many varieties of the mineral, the noble Spinel is highly valued - transparent crystals of beautiful colors, such as deep red or deep blue. Colored transparent specimens are used in jewelry as precious stones. The history and meaning of the Spinel stone The modern name of the stone is taken from the German language, previously Spinel was known as alabandite, and in the Middle Ages, it was called lal. Mentions of this mineral are found in records dating to the 9th century AD. Also, Read - Orange And Red Natural Spinel Stones There are two versions regarding the origin of the word Spinel:
  1. From the Greek word spark, because of the similarity with the prickly sheen of a stone.
  2. From the Latin word spina - a thorn, due to the similarity with the pointed Spinel crystals.
These stones adorn the Monomakh's cap and the Wittelsbach crown, although earlier it was assumed that these were rubies. The most famous deposits are in Thailand, Vietnam, India, Australia. Valuable red specimens are found in Myanmar, blue gems are mined in Sri Lanka. Also, Read - Vivid Red Natural Spinel Gemstone Pair Orange And Red Natural Spinel Stones These stones adorn the Monomakh's cap and the Wittelsbach crown, although earlier it was assumed that these were rubies. The most famous deposits are in Thailand, Vietnam, India, Australia. Valuable red specimens are found in Myanmar, blue gems are mined in Sri Lanka. Also, Read - Natural Orange Red Spinel

Spinel colors

Noble Spinel can be of various shades - blue, red, pink, purple, orange-red, green. Bright red specimens are called ruby ​​Spinel, blue crystals are called sapphire Spinel. There are instances with an alexandrite effect that change color depending on the lighting. Ordinary Spinel can be dark green, dark brown, black, blue-black. Other types of Spinel are also distinguished: chromic, ganit, automotive, chlorine Spinel, sourovik. The color of such specimens can be quite bright - the gem is purple, color Spinel is bright green. Also, Read - Natural Pink Spinel Jewelry Set

Physical properties of Spinel

The mineral belongs to the class of oxides, is a mixed oxide of aluminum and magnesium. Crystals of octahedral, rarely dodecahedral shape. They can be both transparent and opaque - the light transmission ability of the stone changes when aluminum and magnesium ions in the crystal lattice are replaced by ions of other metals.
  1. The stone is quite hard - 7.5-8 points on the Mohs scale.
  2. The mineral is brittle, easily damaged when struck against a hard surface.
  3. The shine of glass crystals.
  4. Sometimes asterism and luminescence are observed.
The natural fragility of the mineral requires careful handling. Jewelry with Spinel should be removed during physical work, not allowed to come into contact with detergents and cosmetics, not thrown. It is worth storing such jewelry in a separate box with soft walls and taking it to a jewelry workshop for a professional cleaning every six months (you can clean it at home with a mild soap solution and a soft brush every 3-4 months). Natural Spinel Lot

How to distinguish natural Spinel Stone from artificial

For a simple layman, it is unrealistic to distinguish a natural gem from a fake - without the appropriate qualifications and experience, you will not see the differences. Although, if the crystal looks perfect upon close examination, this is a reason to be wary, because the smallest blotches and defects are visible in natural stone. You can focus on the price - a natural gem will cost no less than $ 20 per 1 carat, and rare specimens of pure blue and red colors can cost hundreds of dollars per 1 carat. Adequate price can serve as a guide, but it cannot be considered a guarantee of quality. Only a professional can check the authenticity of a stone. Buy a stone in those stores that can provide a certificate of quality for it. Also, Read - Hot Pink Spinel Pair

Who according to the sign of the zodiac suits Spinel Stone

Jewelry with Spinel unconditionally suits Leo. This is a perfect match when the energy of the stone will complement the energy of a person and enhance it. If Leo regularly wears a piece of talisman jewelry, he will be lucky in all matters, his innate charm will increase. You can wear such jewelry from time to time, it will also work - especially during periods of depression and loss of strength when energy replenishment is needed.
  • Sagittarius and Aries can also wear jewelry with an overcoat - the stone will give these signs of the Zodiac the strength to set and achieve goals, improve intellectual abilities and increase physical endurance.
  • Libra, Pisces, and Taurus will benefit from Spinel's peace of mind and physical health.
  • For Virgos and Capricorns, a talisman stone can bring additional energy and optimism.
  • Gemini with Spinel in a neutral relationship - the stone will not harm, but you should not expect bright positive effects either. It is important to pay attention to the sensations from contact with the stone - if the Gemini is comfortable, then this instance of the mineral will bring peace of mind. Also, Read - Deep Gray Spinel Pair

Who by type of activity is suitable for Spinel

  • Spinel is a stone of travelers and people who, by virtue of their profession, must make quick decisions.
  • The crystal will help public figures who work for the benefit of the people - get rid of shyness, increase sociability and personal attractiveness.
  • People whose work is daily stressful should wear a Spinel ring and look at the gem in especially stressful moments. Gradually, thoughts will be streamlined, emotions will cease to rage.
  • The mineral will help creative people find inspiration; with such a talisman, artists and musicians have many new ideas.
A piece of jewelry with Spinel can be a strong talisman, but you should not abuse its help - the mineral is capricious, does not tolerate greedy and selfish people. But he will certainly appreciate the respectful and careful attitude, attracting various gifts of fate into the life of the owner. 4.20 Carats Spinel Lot

The Spiritual Properties of Spinel stone

The value of the mineral is that, as a talisman, it can attract and form favorable conditions for its owner. They talk about Spinel as a stone of good luck, and if it suits a person in terms of energy, this person is lucky. Among the magical abilities of the crystal:
  • It saves the owner from loneliness, helps to see among the surrounding friends, and find a loved one.
  • Able to bring happiness if the owner's thoughts are pure. Immoral, greedy people should not place high hopes on the gem - he will not help.
  • Strengthening intuition reveals the gift of foresight in a person. Can warn of upcoming events - for example, causing prophetic dreams.
Best of all, the stone reveals its properties in earrings or a ring that can be worn on the index or ring finger. Spinel loves gold frames.

Medicinal properties of Spinel stone

For medicinal purposes, this gem was used back in Ancient Russia, and Paracelsus also prepared healing powder from it. Modern therapists confirm the healing qualities of Spinel. It is recommended to use it in certain cases.
  • Jewelry with a red gem enhances masculine strength and helps women increase attractiveness.
  • To purify the blood, improve blood circulation and stop bleeding, red Spinel is suitable.
  • A blue or green stone is useful for general strengthening of the body, increasing immunity.
  • As an assistant in the fight against infectious and inflammatory diseases, blue and pink specimens are chosen.
  • As an assistant in the fight against infectious and inflammatory diseases, blue and pink specimens are chosen.
  • The green crystal can relieve pain in the joints and muscles, headaches, and help with hypertension.
Spinels of different colors are united by positive energy - these stones are ready to give additional energy to their owners, attract good luck into their lives and improve health. If the gem accepts a person, it will become a faithful assistant and talisman
There are few Spinel deposits on the planet, and specimens of beautiful flowers are rare - they are highly valued. Stones are considered a good investment - along with the demand for jewelry with noble Spinel, their price is growing.
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