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The most popular wedding rings in 2022

by Mehran Khan 11 Mar 2022 0 Comments
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Well-known American writer Mark Twain said that a wedding makes two lives one whole." We can also perceive wedding rings in this spirit, as their solid circular shape gives the impression of "no beginning and no end". Built on this eternal design, they spoil before your eyes in all kinds of gold. In this article, however, we will focus on wedding rings made of classic yellow gold, which is still the primary choice for many couples. It is touching that we most often see this type of gold on the rings of our (old) parents, who are often role models for us, how to live a life of humility in the heart with the assistance of unique wedding rings.

Most popular wedding rings in 2022

And since we want to make your fateful choice easier, we have taken the liberty of compiling a list of the top 10 most popular models of our yellow gold rings, which starred most among our fiancés in 2022.

1. Ria diamond rings

Did you know that gold (aurum) means "shining light"? It appeared on our blue planet about 4 billion years ago as a meteor storm, which brought with it 20 billion tons of gold! In nature, it occurs mainly in its pure form, but it is too soft for everyday wear. For this reason, other precious metals are mixed into the gold to make the alloy harder and more durable. Alchemy is perfect! Why choose Ria rings: Fiancés who like to be inspired by the wedding ladder may appreciate the winner, the Ria diamond model when making a decision. The women's version of the ring is decorated with 4 natural diamonds in an interesting arrangement. By the way, the number 4 also has its own special symbolism, which is connected with practically the whole world (four phases of the Moon, four sides of the world, four elements - earth, fire, air, water). Even the year we are in, 2020 - after adding all the digits, gives the final number 4. So if you are planning a wedding this year, it is a heavenly symbolism. However, you can also create it yourself. As your family grows over time, each diamond can represent one family member.

2. Georgia diamond rings

Did you know that gold was the first metal that people began to mine and process? And you may not be surprised that it is still the most sought-after metal (not only in wedding rings). For what reason? In addition to shiny beauty, it is mainly about practical properties - gold does not rust, it is resistant to salt, acids, alkalis, and external influences. Given the fact that wedding rings are a lifelong jewel, there really is a no better choice. Why choose Georgia rings: The delicate and at the same time interesting model of Georgia wedding rings also caught the heart of our sales director Iveta Zimková Mikušová, who proudly wears this model in white gold. You have chosen the yellow gold alternative as your favorite, where the women's version contrasts beautifully with 15 diamonds arranged in an impressive arc. The standard design of this model excels with a glossy finish, but since we make all the jewelry ourselves, it is not a problem to choose a matte finish or a combination of both.

3. Gloria diamond rings

Gold is noble, still, and very malleable. It is literally a matter of the heart of our goldsmith Ľubomír Michálik, who prefers to work with him during wedding rings: “ If there is a fire in the main role, it is best to work with yellow gold, because it is ideally soldered (welded). If a laser is used, white gold is best because there is the lowest current required for welding, followed by rose gold and then yellow. However, gold is the same everywhere, only specific impurities make the color. " Why choose Gloria rings: If you are a perfectionist & want to have wedding ring-top matching from design to name, the Gloria model is a great choice. The term "Gloria" in translation means glory, glow, splendor, shine. These are all not only the attributes of the rings but also the wedding as such. Oh, and let's not forget, the women's variant of this model stands out with one shining diamond hand-set in a stylish design, which forms a so-called tear (drop) of abundance.

4. Mercy diamond rings

As we have said, the strength and durability of gold are strengthened by alloys of other metals, which also determine the color of gold. Moreover, Yellow gold stands as an alloy of pure gold, silver, also copper. It is the ratio of these two metals that will affect the final color of gold. We at Mikuš Diamonds mix gold ourselves, so its final shade is a kind of handwriting of our family jewelry store. This manuscript is then transformed into the designs of our rings in the Wedding line collection, where we did not want to include you in hundreds of models, but we wanted to sensitively choose a few dozen that will satisfy everyone, even the most demanding customer. Why choose Mercy rings: On our blog, we previously published an article about non-traditional rings from our Trenčín jewelry workshop. Among the top three less conservative models were Mercy wedding rings, which boast a beautiful double combination of gold, a combined matte/gloss finish, and an atypical layout of 12 diamonds. Interestingly, they have now ranked 4th in popularity among more or less standard hoop models. We are pleased that our clients are not afraid to go to choices that are not typical at first glance, but in the end, they certainly do not lack elegance and timelessness.

5. Diamond rings Lea

Gold purity is traditionally given in carats (kt), which express the percentage of pure (pure) gold in the alloy. The carat calculation is based on the definition that pure gold weighing 1000 g / kg contains 24 kt, which means that 1 carat corresponds to 1/24 of the weight of gold. We make our wedding rings from 14-carat or 18-carat gold alloys with a thickness of 1.6 mm, thanks to which they never roll over or lose any of their noble hallmarks. Why choose Lea rings: We also praised the rings with the extremely beautiful female name Lea in our article on non-traditional wedding rings. Let us now speak to our professional salespeople, who has this topic most in their eyes: "Although our clients are more reliant on timeless classics, of the more unconventional models, Lea's wedding rings with three diamonds symbolizing the past, present, and future are very popular. " they actually mirror the fact that they are already in 5th place, in the same half of our ring parade. At first glance, you will be captivated by their unique style, matte/gloss combination, and charming placement of natural diamonds.

6. Amelie diamond rings

In addition to the beauty that will appeal to you, do not forget that you have to feel natural with the ring. Choose its size with a small margin - that is, it should be neither very loose nor too tight, as the fingers change during the day and year, of course, for each individual. For this reason, it is optimal to physically experience the rings, which will be supported by our long-standing saleswomen. The good news is that you will not only experience comfortable testing with us, but the advantage is also our technical solution - the rounded conical interior comfort fit, which will ensure a pleasant wearing of hoops in their everyday life. Why choose Amelie rings: We cannot guarantee that these beautiful rings would be chosen by the quirky Amélie from Montmartre, but we know that this model appealed to you so much that you raised it to sixth place in popularity. If you can't decide what gold should play right in your eternal circles, or you normally wear jewelry in different types of gold, Amelia's rings will solve all your dilemmas. The perfect duo of yellow and white gold complements the aesthetic diamond in the center of attention. Gentle, decent, but still different, isn't it?

7. Clementine diamond rings

Choosing the right diamonds and natural gemstones is another important topic. All rings are set with natural diamonds with the highest cut quality, which demonstrates the unique optical effect of Hearts & Arrows. When looking through the crown of a diamond, you can observe eight symmetrical hearts and eight symmetrical arrows. The horizontal figure eight symbolizes infinity. It depends on the details! Why choose Clementine hoops: If you're "hunting" the right hoops during this time, you may be interested in a separate visual category called eternity in hoop circles. The English translation of this word means "eternity" and in other words, it is the rings that decorate diamonds around the perimeter. The Clementine model is the perfect, truly unearthly beautiful representative of the eternity of the rings which well represents the idea of ​​clean lines. They are decorated with numerous diamonds around the perimeter. And just as we can play with the ring motif, gold type, or surface treatment, we can modify the number, parameters, and method of setting individual diamonds at your request. An exception is not the change of the width of the original rings or the production of dream personalized rings outside our standard offer.

8. Sapphire-diamond rings Ellen

We most often place diamonds in our handmade wedding rings, but in the case of other colored gemstone preferences, it is not a problem to fit basically anything in the rings, from a practical point of view (degree of hardness of the gemstone) such as rubies and sapphires. Why to choose Ellen rings: In this spirit, future couples like to reach for the Ellen model, where two diamonds contrast beautifully with pink sapphire. On the Mohs hardness scale, sapphire ranks 9th, only a diamond overtook it, so in terms of everyday wear, it is a perfect combination of gems. Conservative souls may not be so comfortable with this connection, but the fact is that despite the color accent, these rings are very aesthetic, even ethereal.

9. Esme diamond rings

We are the only Slovak members to buy diamonds directly on the world's oldest diamond exchange in Antwerp, without any intermediaries. So we can provide custom diamonds at a reasonable price. Our standard is the clarity of VS1-VS2 diamonds and EF color, but we want to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding clients. If you don't care about royal purity and color, but you want to own nice diamonds at a more affordable price, together we will choose a version with SI1-SI2 clarity and GH color. It is an interesting variant with an ideal ratio of quality and price. Why choose Esme hoops: If you read us carefully, this model will be familiar to you with the winning Rio hoops we introduced right at the beginning of our article. But as the French essayist, Stendhal said: "Details. Details. It's all about the details. ” On nearer inspection, you'll notice that the arrangement of the 4 diamonds in the Esme rings is not in an oblique arrangement, but in the regular lines of a square. The difference is also in the width of the women's ring, which is 4 mm in the Esme model, ie half a millimeter larger than in the Ria women's ring. Ultimately, on your ring finger, it is these micro details that can decide the fateful winner.

10. Gwen diamond rings

In conclusion, we would like to draw your attention not only to an ingenious selection of rings but also to a jeweler. "A specific hand may be the tradition that the jeweler has behind him. In our case, it is a strong 20-year background in jewelry production in Trenčín, thanks to which we can provide a sophisticated system of benefits, such as a lifetime warranty and free service, " says our top gemologist and CEO Martin Mikuš. Why choose Gwen rings: Our ring ranking closes the minimalist Gwen model, where at first sight the non-traditional way of setting a diamond attracts attention. This ornate detail makes him an original representative of eternal circles, who do not lack the spirit of timeless beauty. You can further support this with your text on the inside of the rings. For any text or symbol you choose (even additionally), we provide engraving on all hoops free of charge. By the way, free of charge is also a beautiful handmade luxury box worth 80 euros.
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