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The Healing Crystals for Ganglia

by Mehran Khan 03 Mar 2022 0 Comments
Healing Crystals for Ganglia
Do you have ganglia? This article will give you a general idea of ganglia and the best crystals for healing ganglia. A ganglion is a non-malignant abscess, which, in most cases, appears on the foot, the back of the hand, or in the hollow of the knees. It’s a form of a cyst or a protuberance of the internal skin tissue of a sinew, joint, or tendon sheath. It has a gel-like content and is usually caused by the degeneration of the connective tissues. Generally, although it may be unsightly, the taut, elastic bulge which is the ganglion causes no issues or problems. However, it can cause undue pain, pressure, and a sense of disturbance if a nerve is trapped by the ganglion. Ganglia are also caused by the interaction and interplay of different factors. All the ways from the overstrained sinews or joints, through bad posture, to a misaligned vertebra. Other causes can be inadequate supply to and/or cleansing of the connective tissues— as a result of an accumulation of waste and toxins, post-injury defects in blood vessels, metabolic problems, or general stress. Also, always consider the effort, pressure, and psychological and emotional stresses when dealing with ganglia. The traditional treatment for ganglia is to be physically active in order to strengthen the musculature or surgical removal. Alternative treatments are usually more comprehensive in order to improve the supply of essential nutrients to the tissue. Any such treatment is best complemented by therapeutic corrections to the spinal column and posture. A shrinking ganglion can be influenced by herbal applications as well as homeopathic remedies or crystal therapy. Here are some of the best crystals for healing ganglia.

Crystals For Healing Ganglia


This lovely gemstone is by far the best healing crystal for treating ganglia. In homeopathy, fluorite is dubbed as the “Calcium Fluoricum”. This means that it has the ability to regulate the supply of energy to the tissue. It can also help in removing metabolic waste and toxins. And since fluorite is composed of fluorine and calcium, this crystal can help evoke a more open, relaxed, and flexible attitude. As a mineral with a natural cubic crystal configuration, fluorite also boosts your capacity to become more flexible emotionally, particularly if you end up with heavy commitments too early in life. Not only that, but its calcium content also helps in rebuilding sinew tissues and joints. You can simply place a section or slice of the crystal or a flat tumbled fluorite stone as close as possible to the ganglion. Then fix them there with a sticking plaster or a bandage. Alternatively, you can wear fluorite as a necklace, pendant, or bracelet, in which case should be worn at least for 24 hours for the best effects.


Apatite is the next choice for healing ganglia. Since it contains calcium phosphate, apatite offers a broad range of influence on the joints, bones, musculature, and sinews. Like fluorite, apatite is also called the calcium fluoric in homeopathy. It features a hexagonal configuration that helps encourage a straight or upright attitude, both physically and mentally. Other than that, the phosphate in apatite also helps in the development of the energy that you need for the tasks of life. Apatite can also help in relieving worry and stress while strengthening the musculature at the same time. In turn, this helps ease any strains on joints and sinews. Lastly, apatite also helps in improving the supply of tissue nutrients as a direct result of its high calcium content and also improves and furthers the rebuilding of sinews and joint substances. Like fluorite, you can simply fix a tumbled apatite stone as close as possible to the ganglion. But make it comes with a bandage or sticking plaster. Or you can simply wear it as a pendant, necklace, or bracelet for up to 24 hours for best results. As a supplementary treatment, you can take 3 – 9 drops of apatite essence every hour. Or take small sips of prepared 100 – 300ml of apatite water throughout the day. Not only that but both fluids can also be rubbed into the affected skin to further healing.

Amazonite + Chrysocolla + Ocean Jasper + Green Tourmaline

These crystals can also be used for treating ganglion; however, it is still in its early stages so there’s not much to know about. You can simply place these crystals near the ganglion or try wearing them as pieces of jewelry. You can also drink their essence or prepared gem water and see if these crystals can help in reducing the size of a ganglion. Still, we highly recommend the previous crystals for treating ganglion and these 4 crystals could just act as supportive tools for healing.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. Ganglia is not harmful, but it can still cause pain and discomfort, especially when pressure is placed on the affected area. Fortunately, there are proven treatments to shrink these tiny lumps. Then, you can use crystal therapy in order to support and further the healing of ganglia and remove the unsightly bumps.
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