• A Brief Introduction to Minerals

    A Brief Introduction to Minerals
    Minerals, by definition, are naturally occurring “inorganic” (Not containing any organic) substances, often characterized by a precise crystal structure. Its “chemical structure” (The atomic arrangement of a substance) can be exact or can vary within a range. “Native elements” (Group of minerals with a molecular structure of only one element; examples are Copper, Sulfur, and Diamond). that occur in nature are also considered minerals. Minerals are economic goods. They are mined for the valuable elements they...
  • The Healing Crystals for Ganglia

    The Healing Crystals for Ganglia
    Do you have ganglia? This article will give you a general idea of ganglia and the best crystals for healing ganglia. A ganglion is a non-malignant abscess, which, in most cases, appears on the foot, the back of the hand, or in the hollow of the knees. It’s a form of a cyst or a protuberance of the internal skin tissue of a sinew,...
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