• Rare Bi-Color Tourmaline

    Rare Bi-Color Tourmaline
    Gemstones that display multiple colors are quite rare and unusual. Some gemstones display different colors under changing lighting conditions and are known as color change gemstones. Others gemstones will display different colors when viewed from different angles. These gemstones are known as diachroic (two colors) or pleochroic (more than two colors). This phenomenon is caused by the double refraction of light. But some special...
  • Specifications of Tourmaline

    Specifications of Tourmaline | Gandhara Gems
    List of all Specifications of Tourmaline Tourmaline is extremely complex borosilicate that comes in every color; in fact, more than 100 colors and is still counting. Therefore, a range of chemical compositions occurs inside Tourmaline. Also, some crystals show zones of multiple colors. Tourmaline History: In 1702, Tourmaline was first introduced in the West when the Dutch imported it from Sri Lanka. Tourmaline Visuals:...
  • Opal & tourmaline the Birthstone of October

    Opal & tourmaline the Birthstone of October
    October: The birthstones for this month are opal & tourmaline People born in October get to choose between two birthstones (opal and tourmaline), each birthstone comes in a full spectrum of gemstones to suit anyone's tastes. Opal A famous quote about tourmaline and opal, "In the 1970s, I used to buy opals and moonstones at the Queen Victoria Market, which were seen as old-fashioned...
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