• A Brief Introduction to Minerals

    A Brief Introduction to Minerals
    Minerals, by definition, are naturally occurring “inorganic” (Not containing any organic) substances, often characterized by a precise crystal structure. Its “chemical structure” (The atomic arrangement of a substance) can be exact or can vary within a range. “Native elements” (Group of minerals with a molecular structure of only one element; examples are Copper, Sulfur, and Diamond). that occur in nature are also considered minerals. Minerals are economic goods. They are mined for the valuable elements they...
  • Topaz & citrine the Birthstone of November

    Topaz & citrine the Birthstone of November
    November: The birthstones for this month are topaz & citrine People born in November can choose between two bright gemstones to brighten up this chilly month.   Topaz and citrine look so related, in fact, that they’ve often been misunderstood for one another throughout history. They are unrelated minerals, and also topaz occurs in a broad spectrum of colors far beyond yellow. Topaz A...
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