Ikons, Classic, and Contemporary Masterpieces of Mineralogy

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INTRODUCTION The photos and text presented here are intended to provide a better understanding of a very esoteric and often mysterious subject: the collecting of world-class mineral specimens. This is an area of high exclusivity and high financial...

A Brief Introduction to Minerals

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Minerals, by definition, are naturally occurring “inorganic” (Not containing any organic) substances, often characterized by a precise crystal structure. Its “chemical structure” (The atomic arrangement of a substance) can be exact or can vary within a range. “Native elements” (Group of...

How Gemstones are Formed in Nature

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How Gemstones are Formed Minerals form under various conditions in the Earth's crust, the outermost layer of the Earth, with a depth of 8 to 40 km. Only two gemstone varieties (Peridot and the mighty diamond) form in...